Assisting Brisbane developers with Brisbane property management

Posted By Ed Cassidy  
13:00 PM

I have helped developers throughout Brisbane both pre- and post- development. One of my areas of specialty is helping developers to rent the existing residence prior to its development. It is important to generate income during this phase by securing quality tenants, while ensuring the lease agreement lines up with the commencement of your development.


Why you (as a developer) should seek my assistance:

  • Your development site is up for sale – having rental income upon settlement is a great selling point.
  • Your development application is taking longer than anticipated – tenanting the property generates hundreds of dollars in income each week.
  • With the uncertainty around the ongoing pandemic you have decided to hold off on your DA to get a better idea on feasibility.
  • Changes in your personal life have impacted how quickly you can go ahead with your development project.
  • I also assist with finding quality tenants post development helping you market tenanted stock thats already generating income prior to sale. 


I enjoy working with developers but more generally I am very passionate about helping people with all aspects of property management throughout Brisbane. If you have any friends or family looking for a dedicated property manager who is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week then please private message me or you can contact me on: 0405 425 345 or